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Add e-paging to your
Telepage Account

Would you like to access your email without using up your cellular minutes, carrying around your laptop, or logging onto the Internet? With Telepage e-paging you can read your email with the touch of a button!

Discover the possibilities…

  • Have complete freedom from your office, computer terminal or laptop
  • Effectively screen your email so you can log on at your convenience
  • Receive E-bay bids and winner notices, plus other important emails or warnings
  • Program equipment to send you an email when certain operations are completed or when errors occur

Telepage e-paging is the RELIABLE, AFFORDABLE way for your on-the-move IT, Engineers and Sales Staff to stay in touch with you, the systems and the people they support! You can receive up to 240 characters, including sender, subject line and message. Add E-Paging to any Word pager for only $3.95 a month. You will receive a FREE email account with your service.

e-paging also includes FREE SmartMail (see description at right), information that can be customized and sent at times you specify.

Contact Us today to learn more about the benefits and convenience of e-paging.




Get all kinds of information at YOUR convenience.

  • Sports scores from all your favorite teams

  • Important messages and calendar reminders

  • Horoscopes, stock reports and warnings

  • News topics, weather forecasts and updates

Instructions for SMARTmail

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