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Telepage offers the following numeric and text message pagers. Below are the models offered and a link to download the pager manual in Adobe PDF format.

As always, you can take advantage of a free communications consultation to find the best paging or cellular plan for your business. Contact Us today to learn more.


Motorola Bravo 501

click for Bravo 501 details

Bravo 501 Manual




Motorola Bravo Plus

click for Bravo Plus details

Bravo Plus Manual

Text Message


Motorola Advisor Gold

click for Advisor Gold details

Advisor Gold Manual







  Alpha Gold

 click for Alpha Gold details

  Alpha Gold Manual





You'll need the free Adobe Reader program to view and/or
print the PDF file. Click here to download the program.




Be sure to check out the various services you can add to your pager or cellular plan...


For Pagers:

Add a Pager Clip or Chain for Extra Security.

Add a Pager Case for Added Protection against weather and rough handling.


Pager Manuals

Click here to view manuals for other pager models.




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