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Why You Should Have a Pager

...even if you already have a cell phone?

  • Email on the Go: You can take it with you!
  • Discreet: Paging is a great way of receiving discreet non-intrusive messages, which you can then prioritize and reply to at your convenience.
  • Coverage: Larger coverage area, with no roaming fees.
  • Availability: Most pagers will operate for 2-3 months on one AA battery, meaning you never have to turn your pager off.
  • Freedom: Allows you to leave your office and still be contacted wherever you go.
  • Flexibility: Paging allows you to receive messages wherever you go and prioritize your responses.
  • Cost Effectiveness: Low monthly affordable rates and lower replacement costs.
  • Reliability: Reliable and accurate, with Message Recall Telepage backs up all of your messages.
  • Group Pages: Reach ALL your employees with ONE page.
  • Detail: You can receive messages up to 240 characters. This can eliminate the need for returning a call.


Benefits of having BOTH a pager and a cell phone

  • Pagers are discreet, making them less intrusive than a phone call.
  • Reduce incoming cell phone costs.
  • Paging coverage and strength allows you to pick up messages you may miss with a cell phone.






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